Picking Off Road Rims

Are you looking to upgrade your ride, but aren’t sure where to begin? Start with off-road rims if you’re serious about going off-road. Here are some tips to help you choose the right set.

Size Matters

Do not let them fool you. Size does matter. It does, at least when it comes to picking up road rims. You want more because it is better. This is why you should raise the suspension. You can have bigger wheels by raising the suspension just a little bit. Bigger wheels are better. A diameter that is large enough to clear the brakes is important, otherwise, you will not be able to drive on or off the road.

You should remember that if you make your wheels wider, it will increase the weight of your engine and reduce its performance when it comes time to accelerate. You won’t go fast if you are off-road. Except when you’re racing, weight doesn’t matter. Go big or go home.

Backspacing Is Important

Moto Metal Wheels MO978 for Lifted Ford Truck

Off-road rims should be considered more than the wheel’s diameter and width. Backspacing is something you need to consider. What is backspacing? Backspacing is the measurement of the space between the mounting face and the inside edge of the wheel. The maximum backspace allowed will be indicated by your lift kit. This is because the wheel will move further into the wheel well if there is more backspace. Off-road rims will require you to reduce backspace and move your wheel away from the well. Did you get it?

Offset Matters

You must also consider offset in addition to width, diameter, and backspacing. The offset is the distance between the center and the mounting surface. Are you confused? It gets even more confusing. You see, offset is measured by millimeters and backspacing in inches. To make the wheel fit more closely to your truck, it is important to reduce the offset from the OEM when you are upgrading for off-road rims. You will have more clearance between the tire’s inside edge and the suspension if you reduce the offset. To give you the clearance you require, it may be necessary to increase the offset by either zero or negative.

Material Matters

The material used to make the wheel is important. A tough alloy is what you want. This will provide strength and be lightweight. Steel might seem like a good option, but it is not. It is too heavy. Cast aluminum is generally lighter than forged aluminum. These terms refer to the way the material is formed into the wheels.

Where You Buy Off-Road Rims Matters

It doesn’t really matter where you purchase your off-road rims. Wheelfire.com understands that finding the perfect off-road rim for your truck or Jeep can be difficult. Because you want a rim that looks great and fits perfectly. To determine if the wheel fits, you need to understand all of this offset and backspace. Wheelfire’s fitment program is a great help. Simply enter the make, model, and size of your truck, SUV, or Jeep. Wheelfire will then tell you if the wheels fit.

Are you still unsure? Call us today! Our Customer Service representatives have extensive experience in the wheel and tire fitting. We are here to assist you!

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