Motorcycle GPS: our guide for buying GPS!

The motorcycle GPS is a tool two to three times more expensive than the car GPS. Models on the market cost from 100 to 400 Euros. Because it must have characteristics specific to driving on two wheels. In particular, it must be able to withstand in bad weather.

Why choose a motorcycle GPS?

As for the car, the GPS motorcycle has the main advantage of telling your route, without the need to consult a map or roadbook before departure, and stop along the way to be sure to be on the right path. It also allows you to visualize the road to predict, for example, dangerous turns to negotiate. In addition, it can act as a driver assistance and your point of interest (POI) such as restaurants or, even more essential, petrol stations can be navigated.

Criteria for choosing a motorcycle GPS

Here are the three criteria to take into account to know which motorcycle GPS to choose on .

The waterproofness of the GPS

100% of motorcycle GPS are supposed to be waterproof.  As the device may be covered with rain or snow, so this aspect is therefore essential. In general, the GPS motorcycle must be robust.


The rider must be able to quickly consult the map. So readability must be optimal. Also, when you buy your GPS, we advise you to test it in real conditions that is to say behind the visor of the helmet that you usually wear. It is also necessary that the GPS screen has sufficient contrast to be readable in all circumstances, especially in bad weather.


Common GPS functions should be easily accessible even with gloves. The buttons must be able to be operated precisely.


Motorcycle GPS mapping is generally less extensive than that of car GPS. You will need to consider this criterion when you purchase. Opt for a European card if you are a road trip lover.


There are two types of power for a GPS motorcycle: some feed on the battery of the bike, others have a rechargeable battery. A third type of GPS combines both kinds of power. For example, if you want to drive for two days straight in the middle of the forest, avoid a battery with a battery life of just 24 hours.

The screen

The size of the screen must be large enough for you to read your card comfortably and quickly. However, it must not take too much space on the handlebars. The screen must also have an anti-reflective function to be readable in all circumstances. Finally, it must be tactile even with gloves.

Adapt a car GPS on your motorcycle

For those who rarely use their motorcycle or who feel that the motorcycle GPS is too expensive, you can adapt your car GPS on your motorcycle. To do this, however, it will take some precautions. First, make sure that the case is tight. Then you will have to choose a solid support, even more on you ride in trail!

Although fixed, your GPS must still be protected from the weather. Certainly, you can opt for the solution of the plastic bag or plan to ride only in good weather. But the most effective solution is probably to invest in a soft bag with a transparent screen. Then simply attach it to the handlebars with velcro straps. Only drawback, reflections that can hinder the reading of the screen.

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