The moving industry has been around since carts and horses were the main modes of transport. It is a multi-billion-dollar market and is one of the largest markets in the world. There are more than 7,000 registered companies in the US that supply moving services each year, but what is the future of the moving industry? Find out in this article the history of the moving industry.


The shipping and moving industry are not what it used to be. Being a truck driver was a dream job, once. Over the past decade, however, there has been a significant downturn in the industry that has opened new opportunities for companies such as Tesla, Embark, and TuSimple, working in the self-driving space. You imagine that autonomous trucks are the way of the future, but will that leave the ordinary driver unemployed?

Here’s how autonomous trucks work: for instance, let’s say you hire a house mover to move a 3-bedroom house from New York to San Francisco. A local moving company would pick up, pack, and load the truck. The truck would then go to an agent in San Francisco, who would unload and deliver it. The question is whether it is safe and effective, but time will tell.

Moving companies spend countless dollars trying to find ways to recruit new apartment movers, but it’s a challenge. With the latest technology, millennials are looking for opportunities in technology, or some would say a more convenient job. Being on the road for weeks can put pressure on even the strongest people. In the next few years, we will find out if the future of the autonomous truck moving industry is digital.


Uber brought out one of the most unusual concepts of my generation. They disrupted the taxi industry and made significant demands on yellow cabs. It recently launched Uber Freight, which is focused on the trucking industry. The new concept allows owners to log into the app and bid on jobs. Uber Freight is like U-Ship but offers more accessible technology for drivers to handle potential loads. But is it THE concept for the future of the moving industry?

Truck rentals handle a significant percentage of the 30 million moves Americans do each year. How would you feel if you asked a stranger to carry his belongings in your U-Haul truck? Some guess that this is the way of the future, but there are doubts. The trends aren’t guaranteed to last. Moving is very personal and you are unlikely to trust a random person off the street to deliver your stuff over state lines, but the landscape is changing. Perhaps digital furniture movers are the future of the moving industry.

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