Different ways to Expand your Storage Space

Even if you have a warehouse for storing all the items your business makes, it can be very hard to use all that space effectively. But no matter how much space you have, if you aren’t going to use if effectively, then you are effectively wasting it. However, there are several different ways to optimize your storage space, and most of them are easy and cost effective.

Look for the basics

For the basics, if you have a Rivet Rack system, try turning them vertically. It’s amazing what using the top space can do for a storage facility, and how you see the space. Invest in shelves and other storage options that are built tall and not wide, and you’ll already be on the first step.

Consider the boxes themselves, or whatever you might be storing, and see if you can make that more efficient. Organize the items, do some rearranging, and take advantage of every scrap of space you can get. It’ll take some time, but it will help out in the long run.

Other small fixes

Take another look at the space shelves, and then give them a measurement. Try to see if you can take the biggest spaces and make them smaller. Having smaller isles can cause a problem if you have a large staff or use large machines, but if you can make it work then try to expand your shelves outward. That might add a few more boxes worth of storage space, and when you consider that for every single shelf, it adds up to a lot of inventory.

Look for hidden shelf spaces

Often you can put board shelves above places where other pieces of storage just won’t fit, such as above doors or desks. They can even go on ground level to turn a blank wall into a wall covered in shelves. It takes some creativity, but it can really provide some hidden benefits.

Also, look for clutter spaces and try to eliminate them. If you’ve got warehouse workers just placing boxes on the ground or in the nearest convenient spot, communicate with them about where the boxes are supposed to go. You’ll find that once the movement happens, the spot where they once dumped the items is now free for other uses.

There’s space, and there’s space that is efficiently used. Once you know the difference, you’ll see the difference.

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