Unconventional Ways to Minimize Motor Vehicle Crashes

The World Health Organization recognizes motor vehicle crash-related injuries as a significant health crisis. Obtaining a severe injury from a car crash will change your life forever, with an undesirable ripple effect on those around you. The damages can evolve to more severe ones, which will eventually take a toll on your mental well-being. To think, living with an injury is only the second-worst thing that can happen during an accident. Prevention is truly better than cure, and here’s how you can prevent collisions on the road:

Avoid multitasking

Focusing on the road has been a bit of redundant advice. Still, distracted driving continues to take precious lives all over the world. Remember that multitasking is an efficiency technique; it neither aids accuracy or safety. Your muscle memory may be geared towards a fast-paced life – answering phone calls, sending messages, snacking, and walking, all at the same time. Even if this is the norm for you, driving is an entirely different arena. It helps to ask yourself if the phone call you need to take is worth risking your life for. Vary the question to whatever task you feel like fulfilling while driving. Other seemingly routine tasks done in the car which distract your driving include applying makeup, conversations with other passengers, eating, and reaching out for something. If the activity’s not worth more than your life, it can wait. A split-second of distraction is all it takes to turn your life around.

Check for vehicle recall

Even if you try to be the safest person, poor vehicle performance can override your efforts. For this reason, websites have been launched for you to check the recall status of your vehicle. Their service is free of charge, and the response should be quick. Currently, around 53 million cars on the road have open recalls. If there are no recall issues with your vehicle, the next thing you need to evaluate is how up to date your car’s safety features are. If your lifestyle allows you to choose vehicles with admirable safety features, this is the ideal way to go. Studies have observed fatal car crashes being linked to older cars and later models compared to newer ones. Advanced engineering paved the way for three-point seatbelts, side airbags, electronic stability control, blind-spot detection, driver assistance, and more. These cars can be paid for by cash or through credit. If you have junk cars, you can sell them in exchange for cash. Safer is often better.

Maintain your car regularly

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape allows its components to function optimally. Making sure your wipers and mirrors are kept functioning will help you immensely during rainy days. Your lights, brakes, brake pads, are all necessary for your safety. Having your car break down often due to worn-out or neglected parts can contribute to accidents.

Car accidents have claimed more than enough unsuspecting lives. The negligence of a few car owners can affect many lives. Avoid multitasking while driving, and keeping your vehicle in check are small but effective ways to stay safe.

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