The Ins-and-Outs of Finding and Buying Used Car Parts

Sometimes the hardest part of auto repair is finding the parts themselves. Any do-it-yourselfer has probably run into this problem a time or two. Although most parts can be had from both licensed shops and dealerships that can cost quite a penny. In budgetary situations searching for used parts is often necessary. Used parts carry risks though, risks that can be avoided if one knows what to do.

Research, Research

The first step to getting good used auto parts is finding them. This means researching said parts online. There are many online databases for automotive parts that one can use. These sites will pinpoint the specific part and derive its name and number. Once the name and tracking number of the part are found, you can research places near you that might carry them. This is a simple search. Just enter used vehicle parts houston tx, and you will find several companies that will help you in your quest. One of the choices will be online sellers, there will be local sellers, and of course junkyards. The research does not stop here as each of these choices also need to be vetted.

Online sources are great for buying used and rare parts. Sites like eBay connect many buyers and sellers. The risk for fraud is present, as well as poor service. Researching a buyer’s ratings are a good idea, as they will show their transaction history and customer satisfaction. Reviews are also good to look at for independent sellers. Unhappy buyers tend to complain about poor service. Junkyards also carry reputations as well, and those should be taken into consideration. Before you do any business make 100% sure that it is a viable source.


Verification is an important part of buying used parts. Once you have nailed down a seller and found a good price, you need to verify the part number with the dealer. This will ensure that the part you are getting is the real deal. This is important for online transactions as it will provide confidence in the purchase and save you from making mistakes. Independent sellers will benefit in much the same way. Parts pulled from a junkyard need to be verified before you buy so you do not get stuck with something you will not use. If the junkyard is full service and they find the part for you, ask to see it and run the number.


Some junkyards will search for you and present you with the findings. They keep inventory of what comes in and goes out. Some do no such thing and require you to actually look for it. If you undertake such a search be sure to bring a tool as such parts will need to be harvested from whatever you find them in.

Do not Forget to Haggle

Buying parts used means you get to haggle. Always negotiate on price and back it up with either blue book value or alternative choices. Junkyards are great for haggling as are independents. Never accept a used part on face value unless it is really cheap.

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