How to Do Simple Maintenance on a Car

A car can take you wherever you need to go without the hassle of hailing or waiting for a cab. You can drive off anytime you fancy and go on road trips at your own pace. But did you know that cars are a lot of work when it comes to maintaining them and making sure that they do not give out in the middle of the road? As a car owner, you must know and learn simple maintenance tasks in case there is no nearby mechanic to help you, especially if you own a used car. Used cars need more TLC than brand new ones because they have years of wear on them. Here are some car components and parts that you can fix or replace by yourself.

Air filter

You don’t need any tools to replace an air filter. You can find it under the hood of your car. You need to replace it once a year or every 12,000 miles. You can buy one cheaply and do the job in under ten minutes. Consult the owner’s manual on how to place it correctly in its case. The metal clips should be in place.


You need to replace them once or twice a year. You also don’t need tools to replace them. Remove the old windshield wiper blades from the metal and take note of how they connect to the arms. Just attach the new blades, and you’re ready to go.

Oil and oil filter

Changing your oil and filter every 3,000 miles is essential. You will see a significant difference in how your car runs when you don’t change them regularly. For this task, you will need an oil filter wrench, a pan, funnel and ratchet. Jack up your car and get under it to locate the oil pan. Open it, with your pan ready. Drain the oil. Remove the oil filter using the wrench and replace with a new one. Fill the engine with fresh oil.

Brake pads

It is vital to replace brake pads every 20,000 miles. They wear out fast, mainly if you often use the brake pedal when you are driving, like when you are stuck in traffic, and the cars are stop-and-go. When brake pads thin, the brakes will not work, and you may have problems stopping your vehicle. Remove the calipers so the pads can slide out. Put in the new pads, secure them with the retaining clips. Compress the piston and put the calipers and tires back in place.

If you badly need a car and you cannot afford a brand new one, you can look at used cars, Layton, Utah has numerous used car dealerships you can go to find the one most suitable for your needs and budget. Check that your choice still has a lot of miles to go and will not give you problems in the long run. It is crucial to learn some simple car maintenance so that you can save money on mechanic fees.










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