Want to know the cost of shipping a car across the country? We will help you!

When looking to ship your car, it’s great to have a price-tag in mind. This rough estimate will guide your decision, both in terms of budgeting as well as expectations. Quotes from different services can typically differ by $100 from each other, at most. Anything bigger than that, and you should start getting wary.

To help provide this cost estimate, we’ll take a couple of concrete examples and break down everything that goes into it. Remember, choosing the cheapest option each time is not always the wisest move.

The details

By going to Dellcy.com, we can start putting in our shipping details immediately. For this example, we will go with an open shipment from Asheville, North Carolina, destined to Houston, Texas. We will be shipping one Porsche Cayman from 2016, which we will say is not operable. The car will be due in 2 weeks.

The breakdown

We get a price tag of $993 when shipping a car across the country for a total distance of 1,189 miles (about half of the USA’s width).

For that price, we get the following benefits:

  • Door to door service, meaning the car will be delivered as close as possible to our specified address.
  • Full insurance from pickup to delivery, without any personal deductions.
  • Transit period of 3-4 days.

Change of plans

Wondering what the other options may cost for this model?

  • If the vehicle is running, you can easily shave off $152. That’s because no added equipment will be necessary for loading and unloading it during transit.
  • While open auto transport is the cheapest way, it also does nothing to protect your car from the outside elements during transportation.
  • A flatbed shipment will dedicate more space to your vehicle but also cost you $199.
  • The best kind of transportation you can get for your car is enclosed shipping, where your car will be safely stored inside steel walls for the entire duration of the ride. That is more expensive, however, at a hefty added fee of $398.

Note that the price can change depending on the car’s model and that you may end up with slightly different auto transportation quotes. Due to each car’s unique proportions and different insurance premiums, that difference can be $150 at most.

Adding a second car to the mix will typically cost you about the same as the first one.


Finally, if you’re looking for the cost to transport cars across the country, we’ve taken a route from California to Virginia. The car chosen was a Land Range Rover from 2020 that is in running condition, using open transportation, to be delivered as soon as possible.

The quote we receive totals $1749, with 7 to 9 days of transit time across 2,648 miles (about the USA’s width). As you can see, it’s under twice the price of the earlier quote, despite covering a larger distance, since some parts of the price are fixed.

Here are a few more relevant tidbits:

  • If your car is not running, transporting it will cost you an added $315.
  • A flatbed shipment will cost you $350, while an enclosed shipment will double it to $700.
  • Regardless of your order details, you’ll receive door to door service and full insurance; both are included in the price.

Key take-aways

Take your car to the repair center if it’s not running; otherwise, you may have to end up paying extra for transportation. That fee is to cover the loading, unloading, and handling of it during the ride.

If your car is an older model, or you think it could otherwise handle the outside weather for the duration of the shipment – get the open transportation type and take it to a car wash once it’s arrived. Unless the car in question is a luxury or antique, or a lowrider, it’s overall, a better investment.

Thank you for reading. We hope this article has helped you with an idea of how much shipping a car across the country should typically cost, what to avoid, and what to look forward to.

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